Wednesday, April 22, 2020

New Book Blog

I will no longer be posting on this PeaceinFrankfort blog because I have launched a new blog devoted to my new book on Tentmaking.  All the information presented on this blog, plus much more, is included in the book. I will be answering questions and interacting with readers before and after the book is launched. Right now, it looks like it will still be published sometime during 2020. But I will know more in the next several weeks. The link to the new book blog can be found here:

See you at the new site!
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Monday, April 20, 2020

New Tentmaking Book - Coming Out Soon!

I have not posted for quite a while, but that is because I am working on a new book.  Tentmaking: A Misunderstood Missiological Method, will be published soon by Wipf and Stock.  Watch for more details and links to the new book blog.
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Monday, December 17, 2018

Intentional Tentmaking

     In order to resuscitate tentmaking for United States church plants the Church will need to provide a strategy for intentionally preparing church planters to use tentmaking. At this point, someone might raise a hand of objection and say, “This sounds good. I am convinced from a biblical standpoint and I see a need for change, but how does the Church go about practically implementing tentmaking as a purposeful missiological method? Do we just ask pastors to find a job and support themselves?”    
     These are valid questions because it is difficult for an adequately trained Christian leader to abruptly begin utilizing tentmaking. Usually this is because in it is not easy to secure non-ministry employment that will adequately meet the financial demands of tentmaking without specialized training. If someone has an undergraduate degree in biblical studies and a Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary, the only type of jobs they have been professionally trained for are ministry related.
     To obtain guidance on how to resolve this concern, we again turn to the Bible. Earlier, I noted that we cannot conclusively determine how and why Paul learned the trade of making tents. The evidence disfavors the idea that it was part of formal rabbinical training that combined Torah with trade. Most likely, Paul learned how to make tents from his father. Although we cannot pinpoint when Paul learned this skill or definitively state who taught it to him, we do know that Paul, at some point, was taught how to make tents. We also know that he learned how to make tents before he arrived at Thessalonica. Therefore, if the Church would like to mirror apostolic practice as much as possible, that means that those who utilize tentmaking as a purposeful missiological method for planting churches should receive any specialized training they might need for non-ministry employment before they set out to plant churches.
     In order to accomplish this, the Church must be willing to acknowledge the need for increased intentionality in the areas of church planting strategy and in the preparation of her leaders. What I outline below (in subsequent blog posts) will be a suggested plan for the purposeful preparation of church planters who are equipped to utilize tentmaking. It is neither complex nor burdensome. It is not radical in the sense that is will require unrealistic changes. In fact, in some ways this strategy could potentially improve the stewardship of God’s resources that are made available to denominations and church planting networks.